Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Quilted Casserole Carriers

If you are heading for a potluck dinner, family gathering or party somewhere away from home.  These carriers will make a very stylish way to travel with your home cooked dish. It will also help the food stay warm and ready to eat when you arrive!  I have sewed these few Casserole Carriers with my collection of strawberry fabrics.

These two are different in size. When laid  flat, they are square in shape.
But when you tighten them with the casserole inside, they look like a clover leaf  :)                                          
     A closer look at this smaller one which is approx. 34cm (13 1/2") square.        


I have sewed some bindings on the handles of this bigger one, size approx. 40cm (15 1/2") square.

I think these carriers are a useful and handy accessory. 

I have made this one round in shape and its approx.  42cm  (17")  diameter.

                                                            Thank you for viewing. 
                                                           Happy Sewing!

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Quilted Tiffin Carrier Bag

Nowadays,  many people prefer to use a tiffin carrier to have our take-aways. What more when you have a pretty bag to carry it with you!  It will also help to keep the food warm while you travel. For me, I like to hang the tiffin at the back of my car seat espeacially when I am travelling alone. When I have no one to help me hold on to the tiffin,  it will not topple when I turn my car to the left or right or make a U-turn, LOL!

The size is approx. 15cm  (6") diameter suitable for a 14cm 3 tier stainless tiffin carrier.

Hope you will like my creation. Have a happy day :)