Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Unfinished Projects

I've lots of sewing projects that I've left unfinished over the years.  And I told myself to finish them up when I've more time. So, during the recent long school holidays in November and December 2010, I am glad I've manage to get some done. And here it is :

 I call this the 'Flower Bag' as it has eight flowers (four on each side).

 This is the 'Oriental Bag'   cos it has a  'cheong sam'  look.

This is Sun Bonnet Sue that I've learned to applique a few years ago. I've now finally finished it up into a little bag! 

The back looks like this:

 And it comes with a matching zipper pouch.

Another of my half done project is this sewing box. I'm very pleased with how the box turned out :)

And the inside looks like this :