Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Three's Company

About two weeks ago, I was having some gastric attacks that made me feel dizzy. And had to lay down and do nothing but rest,  Nevertheless, before I fell ill, I managed to finish sewing this nice long shape bag that I called "Three's Company". Now that I'm much better I'll like to blog about it.....Its long (about 18 inches) because I wanted to have the entire picture on it. Felt wasted to have to cut at the three girls' waist, LOL!  Because I loveeeeee the picture on this fabric!

At the back, I put in four big pockets! I loveeeeee pockets!

Inside, I learned to sew a nice big zip pocket in the middle of the bag. So glad, it turn out okay.....

And a nice little pouch for all your knick-knacks......

all sew with matching and whites.  I used to dislike black......but now, I'm beginning to fell in love with the colour, LOL!