Thursday, October 21, 2010

Stash from USA

 Look what I brought from my trip to US!

I manage to go to Shop at Joann one day before we fly home.  We were on our way to visit Santa Monica Beach and my son took me to this shop (about 10 mins walk from the beach) .  And I went gu-gu-ga-ga stashing away.  I ask my hubby and younger son to go down to the beach first. While my elder son patiently wait for me to finish shopping! He is such a great son!    


  1. Hi Jo, welcome to blogland! I'm sure you'll like it! Lovely stash you got there. I've been to Santa Monica Beach too, but that was in 1986 - years before I started quilting. Isn't it beautiful there?

  2. Good choice of fabric. I know I have to start making quilts for boys but now, I need to do it fast since somebody is already asking for a twin size for her children - 3 of them. Oh my.

  3. Welcome to blogging Jo! Very pretty fabrics you've got ther. BTW, pat your eldest boy's shoulder for me for being such a patient and understanding son! You're so lucky leh...