Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Unfinished Projects

I've lots of sewing projects that I've left unfinished over the years.  And I told myself to finish them up when I've more time. So, during the recent long school holidays in November and December 2010, I am glad I've manage to get some done. And here it is :

 I call this the 'Flower Bag' as it has eight flowers (four on each side).

 This is the 'Oriental Bag'   cos it has a  'cheong sam'  look.

This is Sun Bonnet Sue that I've learned to applique a few years ago. I've now finally finished it up into a little bag! 

The back looks like this:

 And it comes with a matching zipper pouch.

Another of my half done project is this sewing box. I'm very pleased with how the box turned out :)

And the inside looks like this :


  1. Well done Jo! As of late, I've not got the time... :( Hopefully when Owen recovers and back to play school that I could have at least 2 hrs free time. As you know, I've been meaning to make a bag as well. I bought an e-pattern and now waiting for my "supplies". It'll be my very 1st.

  2. Thanks, Shanny. Hope Owen get well soon! Oh good, you've already got the pattern. You can ask me anything if you bump into any problem while sewing, ya :)

  3. Congrats on all your finishes! Lovely bags! I'd love to make bags too, but so far I have made tote bags only - too little time for all I want to do! :)
    I'm following your blog from today - can't miss what you are up to! :))