Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Three's Company

About two weeks ago, I was having some gastric attacks that made me feel dizzy. And had to lay down and do nothing but rest,  Nevertheless, before I fell ill, I managed to finish sewing this nice long shape bag that I called "Three's Company". Now that I'm much better I'll like to blog about it.....Its long (about 18 inches) because I wanted to have the entire picture on it. Felt wasted to have to cut at the three girls' waist, LOL!  Because I loveeeeee the picture on this fabric!

At the back, I put in four big pockets! I loveeeeee pockets!

Inside, I learned to sew a nice big zip pocket in the middle of the bag. So glad, it turn out okay.....

And a nice little pouch for all your knick-knacks......

all sew with matching and whites.  I used to dislike black......but now, I'm beginning to fell in love with the colour, LOL!


  1. That would be sassy to wear when we go out. Are you keeping it for your own use?

  2. No Zarina, I'll sell it to anyone who likes it :)