Saturday, October 1, 2011

Quilt with Joy

I have started a quilt back in 2006.  It was meant for my elder son but unfortunately have left it unfinished all these years!  Recently, with my best friend, Amara's encouragement, I've finally took it out of my UFO (unfinished object) basket and started working hard on it! And this time, I've manage to complete it at last !!!

I somehow, had lots of mood this time and manage to complete it with 'umph'! And the best thing is, my elder son is coming home to use it! Wow, I'm so happy and felt very satisfying job done!


  1. Ooooh, this is very very nice!!!! I am sure your son will be so happy to receive it and cart it off to US when he goes back for his studies (and show off to his friends that "mum made this" ).

  2. Well Done, Jo!! It's a beautiful quilt... just perfect for a young man. Your son is so fortunate to have such a talented mum :)

  3. A lovely manly quilt! Well done, Jo!